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i dont wanna  post this on my main but

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what should i name my goomy….. 

#im thinking after an explosive

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your fave is problematic: hatsune miku


  • thinks the world is hers

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*loves a character everyone hates even more just out of spite*

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Summer Bat Dress


Summer Bat Dress


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ways to make your sex positive posts stop erasing asexuals:

  • stop insisting everyone has and/or needs sex
  • come from the mentality that people who want sex can and should be having it if they want but not everyone does want sex
  • remember sex isn’t for everyone
  • stop saying that sex is the best thing anyone could ever hope to have in this world
  • basically just stop insisting that everyone should be having sex that would be swell thanks

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everyone is getting tattoos…dam…what would i even ink myself up with


Look at my arm right there, see that? I got that when I was 18 years old. I’ll tell you something, I regret it because this tattoo don’t come off. I have a tattoo of a cow’s head because i love that cheese. So I want the cow, I go in there I’m a little drunk and I say give me that cow head from that cheese i love that cheese. Now I have a cow, a cheese cow on my arm Brendon. Don’t get a tattoo, that’s what I’m telling you. Play soccer.